# 14 Upgrading in value chain: the case of sub-Saharan African countries


KOUTY Manfred[1]




ONGONO Patrice Bonaventure[2]




Abstract: Globalization has provided many opportunities for developing countries to integrate the world trade. Upgrading in Global Value Chain (GVC) is the efficient way to increase a country’s international competitiveness. This paper’s aim is to analyse and evaluate the factors that determine firms upgrading in sub-Saharan African countries. Using firm’s data of three sub-Saharan African countries (Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Mauritius), our analysis shows that the selling price as firms profit indicator, the firms size, the ownership, the level of firms integration and the justice system influence firm’s upgrading decisions.

[1] Ph.D  in economics; Executive M.Sc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law; CEREG; University of Yaounde 2.

[2] Ph.D in economics, CEREG, University of Yaounde2

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