Assessing Households’ ICT access and Bank Patronage in West Africa: Comparative Study of Burkina Fas

Alhassan, A. W. Karakara

Department of Economics, University of Cape Coast

Cape Coast, Ghana

Phone: +233 242312799 / +233 205832020

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Evans S. Osabuohien, Ph.D

Department of Economics and Development Studies, Covenant University,

Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria



Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play an important role in the individual, businesses and cooperative lives of citizens. Many studies on ICT access tend to concentrate on the supply side of achieving universal access in ICTs, which does not look at the household demand side and how household access to ICTs enhances bank patronage or financial services. This study seeks to examine the demand side of ICT access by households and how this foster the patronage of financial services, by investigating some of the socioeconomic characteristics that inhibit household adoption of ICTs and bank patronage, thereby creating a digital divide between ICT haves and have not in a comparison of Burkina Faso and Ghana. Demographic and health survey data for both Burkina Faso and Ghana 2014 was used with binary logit regression of bank patronage on socioeconomic variables and ICT equipment(s). Those socioeconomic variables are determinants of ICT adoption and bank services demand at the household level, however, the degree differs between Burkina Faso and Ghana. In effect, these variables should be taken in to consideration when developing ICT access policies with a view to yielding anticipated results.    
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